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Giant Squid Lecture Continued!

Here it is in mp3 format. The file is very low quality and apologize for this. I didn't realize my recorder was on the wrong setting until it was too late. However, UCSB Arts and Lectures might have a professional recording of the lecture, so I'll try to get my hands on that.

The lecture was very short — less than an hour in length. My friend and I arrived late and got in free, which is why I only have twenty minutes recorded. Following his lecture, Dr. Tsunemi Kubodera translated an episode of a Japanese educational TV show for kids that focused on his expedition. Dr. Kubodera seemed very comfortable during the video and even cracked a few jokes. Sadly, I didn't record this part.

I could give you a summary of the lecture, but since it revolved mostly around the slides Dr. Kubodera showed us, I think it might be better if I just post a few pertinent links. These are the best I found after a full hour of googling:
National Geographic: Photos Offer First Glimpse of Live Deep-Sea Giant

Live Science: Elusive Giant Squid Finally Photographed

Nature.com: Giant squid snapped in the deep
The actual scientific study, which includes a few of Dr. Kubodera's slides, can be found here.

Of the sites I came across, this was one of my favorites:
The Kraken has been found alive off the make-believe island of Japan. Scientists trapped one and he had to rip off a tentacle to escape. So now they are angry. Our days are numbered.
giant squid
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