grasshoppa (applequeen) wrote in cephalopod_time,

Cetaceans (friend, mostly, to the cephalopod)

I know, I know. This is a group for cephalopods and their lovers. Cetacean cuddlers need not pen their divergent entries.

But I insist. Whales and their kin have been breaching into my consciousness recently. And I want to inspire this group to keep on writing about the mysterious creatures of the sea.

I read an article in the New Yorker about Paul Watson. Eco-vigilante. Envirolante? He specializes in "ramming" illegal whaling vessels, among other aggressive tactics taken towards those who commit crimes against the cetacean kind. He sometimes calls it Operation Asshole. I would recomend finding a hard copy of the article, but here is the link:

I will soon be getting a four part documentary with David Attenborough on the Oceans, which is exciting.

Also, I took a book about Whales home while temping. It has wonderful pictures.
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